What does the Domestic Colonoscopy $950 flat rate include?

The $950 flat rate includes all costs related to the procedure. There are no hidden charges or fine print. The price includes:

1) Physician/surgeon fees
2) Facility fees including nurse costs
3) Sedation costs (conscious sedation)
4) Removal of polyps and biopsies


What does the $950 flat rate not include?

The fixed price does not include:

1) If polyps are found and removed or a biopsy is taken, the physician may have them sent to a lab to test for cancerous cells. The patient will be responsible for pathology charges from the lab. This usually costs around $150. Not everyone has polyps.
2) If you do not qualify for a direct colonoscopy you may be asked to schedule a consultation first.
3) In the event that the patient prefers a method of sedation different than the standard offering, they will be responsible for those charges.


Cancellation Policy

Once an appointment is scheduled, you may cancel at any time up to 3 business days before the scheduled date. There is no penalty for cancelling the appointment.

In the event that the appointment is not canceled 3 business days in advance, the patient will be responsible for a no show charge of $100.


Declined / Incorrect Payment Policy

In the event that
1) your card is declined, or,
2) you provide incomplete payment information, or
3) you fail to submit your forms prior to your procedure,

you will be responsible for a charge of $100.00. Please ensure that your payment information provided is correct the first time and on time. No exceptions to this policy.